Let Your Wedding Shawl Compliment Your Wedding Dress!

A wedding marks the most important day in a woman’s life. From decorations to the ceremony, everything holds major significance on that day. The bride’s gown too is one of the most important aspects. What the bride chooses to wear on this auspicious day forever remains as an important souvenir. So, when a bride chooses a wedding shawl to go with her gown, it should be fitting to the occasion.

As far as wedding shawls and wedding wraps go, pashminas are a favorite amongst brides for their wedding day. These wedding shawls are timeless when it comes to style and provide the warmth and comfort required on a chilly day.

Reasons why wedding shawls are a favorite amongst brides

There are various reasons to why brides prefer pure pashmina over other materials as their wedding shawl. Some of those are:

  1. They are timeless. Brides simply can’t go wrong with a white or ivory pashmina wrapped around them with their wedding gowns. These shawls are a perfect mix of traditional and modern styles and bring elegance to the bride’s ensemble.
  2. Bridal shawls are true body warmers providing sheer comfort. They not only bring style quotient to the bride’s attire but also optimally serve the purpose of wearing a shawl.
  3. They are available in a wide range of colors. So, apart from making good bridal shawl, they are also perfect for matching with bridesmaid’s dresses. Likewise, if the bride prefers to wear a shawl in contrast to her white dress, she can choose any color she wants to!
  4. Pure cashmere shawls range a bit higher owing to their grandeur. However, if you are looking for something a bit less expensive, you can go for mixed cashmere shawls manufactured in Italy. These shawls are super soft to touch and are on par with original pashminas.

Exclusive insights into the latest wedding shawl patterns that women love!


  • Sunset Shawl

This shawl comes in beaded pattern perfect for a winter dusk wedding! Especially imbued with emerald green color, the sunset shawl can truly inspire future wedding fashions!

  • Haruni Shawl

An intricate knit pattern projecting bold contrastive colors blends in finely with any wedding dress type! Carrying a vintage texture, the Haruni shawl sure becomes every bride’s desired attire!

  • Aeolian Shawl

The word “Aeolian” symbolizes the wind’s ability to shape Earth’s surface! Named after the erosion in the Mohave desert, the Aeolian shawl has become a wanted shawl pattern for many brides.

  • Estonian Laced Shawl

With an almost fairy-tale twig effect knitted throughout, Estonian laced bridal shawl is the new entry in the shawl hood! Toned in sea green, turquoise, coral blue and similar colors; the shawl portrays a dynamic essence favored by brides!

  • All Season Shawl

What if a bridal wrap can be carried throughout the entire year fitting every season? Sounds great, right? The all-season shawl works magic for weddings and other events alike. They are available in a wide variety of colors like white, maroon, chocolate, black and what not!

How to avail such shawls?

Such shawls are widely available online in the US. You can choose any of the wedding wraps made in Nepal or Italy, available in a plethora of colors. Online websites offer a great way to explore the diverse and unique colors and price ranges for each and every shawl. Moreover, once you have decided the right one, you can book and get it delivered in no time!

Hence, the cashmere wedding shawl is the best option to don with your wedding dress. Apart from that, they are perfect for bridesmaids, your mother or even as a gift as well!

So, this winter, gear up for your wedding day as the ultimate fashion goal with a gorgeous pashmina wedding shawl to accompany you!

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