Purple Pashmina and its Wearing Hacks: Unlock the Offbeat

Creating a colossal demand in the mid-‘90s in the western countries, pashmina is an emblem of luxury and elegance. Women of all age take a fancy to this cashmere pashmina owing to its ultra-soft premium quality.

Derived from a Persian word “pashm”, meaning made from high-quality wool, pashmina fibre is obtained from the underbellies of the Chyangra goats. Weaved with lots of efforts and love, these finest shawls come across the south Asian countries including Kashmir, Tibet and Nepal.

However, an abundance of the population still doubts over the pricing of these tailor-made pashmina shawls. The fact is each pashmina shawl is meticulously hand-made by the artisans taking approximately 6 days to complete.

purple pashmina
purple pashmina

That’s quite impressive!

Hence, it’s no wonder why these wraps are so famous and preferred by all the fashion mongers. In fact, according to the latest trend, purple colored pashminas are doing rounds because of its royal tone giving a sophisticated look.

So, if you a proud owner of a purple pashmina, consider the following tricks to look unconventional with the aid of conventional.

Let’s start with black and purple

Getting decked up with black is always in fashion as it has the power to make one look smarter, bolder and prettier. Whether it’s an A-line garment or a maxi dress, wearing black elevates merely your style statement.

Suppose, consider the Solid Shoulder detail dress. This sleeveless maxi dress is best matched when combined with silver oxidized jewelries and the purple shawl.

If you have a plan for a romantic date with your sweetheart, wrap the pashmina shawl around your 2 inches below your shoulders, leaving a divine trail of being gorgeous and glamorous.

Go formal in light tan

Time to do away with those boring office get-ups! Embrace something in the trend without forgetting the official dressing code.

In this situation, light tan comes to rescue with its subtle yet smart tone. For instance, try out this Neema utily detail dress in light tan coupled with a profound shade of purple Italian scarf.

Additionally, perfect your office look by doing a teased ponytail suiting for every official event.

Is purple and pink a nay or a yay?

Purple with pink can be a strict no-no, but when blended with faded pink, there you get a killer combination.

Try out this full swing dress in pink with purple pashmina, for any casual occasion. Keep your hair open, and look stunning amongst the crowd.

Blue is cool when it’s navy

Blue is cool, but navy blue is cooler! Get the hands-on experience by experimenting with the following look.

Consider the embroidered lace hem dress in navy that perfectly fits with the purple wrap, giving an entirely new loom with filigree and extensive intricacies.

The one white versatile white

Modern, minimalistic and timeless- the list goes on when it comes to describing the beauty of white. Especially, teaming white brings out the radiant of purple at its best.

For example, slip on this white casual gown with your purple cashmere pashmina scarf to have a flawless appearance. In fact, you can wear the startling daydream dress with a pair of red stilettos rendering an edgy look fitting all sorts of informal occasions.

So, now when you know all these modus operands, venture ‘em all by yourself reigning your fashion hub.