Purple Pashmina and its Wearing Hacks: Unlock the Offbeat

Creating a colossal demand in the mid-‘90s in the western countries, pashmina is an emblem of luxury and elegance. Women of all age take a fancy to this cashmere pashmina owing to its ultra-soft premium quality.

Derived from a Persian word “pashm”, meaning made from high-quality wool, pashmina fibre is obtained from the underbellies of the Chyangra goats. Weaved with lots of efforts and love, these finest shawls come across the south Asian countries including Kashmir, Tibet and Nepal.

However, an abundance of the population still doubts over the pricing of these tailor-made pashmina shawls. The fact is each pashmina shawl is meticulously hand-made by the artisans taking approximately 6 days to complete.

purple pashmina
purple pashmina

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