Give Bridal Fashion a New Turn with Your Wedding Shawl this Season

wedding shawl spring

Fashion houses say bridal fashion has seen the uproar in recent times. Rather than opting for the conventional white gown, brides of today have shifted their gaze to more modern outfits. What’s more? Along with the outfits, brides have also chosen a rightful retrofit to suit their wedding attire!

Wondering what we are talking about?

Well, it is the one and only wedding shawl that has emerged as “the” retrofit for the year! Apart from the spring weddings, winter seems to be the hot favorite for couples to tie the knot! US winters see a flurry of wedding bells as more and more couples are getting hitched during Fall.

Winter Weddings in US call for Cozy Comforters!

Who does not love a winter wedding? The food, the snow, the chill in the air, the merriment that pervades every soul present in the venue – everything calls for a heartfelt celebration fitting for the holy matrimony.

However, all these kept aside, a bride and her bridesmaids do require warm accessories which will blend in seamlessly with her dress! Such adjuncts are a necessity as well as a fashion statement. The field of bridal fashion shows how wedding shawls, wedding wraps, especially the pashminas have become the extra dramatic accessory for any bride to look mind-blowing.

Let’s take a look at the recent retrofits on which everyone gushes over!

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